Driver Qualifications


At Care Van, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings.

Care Van maintains the highest standards in the selection and training of its personnel. Before we even give an applicant our Application for Employment, we ask that he or she read our form, "Are you qualified to be a Care Van Driver?" This form, not only describes the duties of the position, in its first paragraph it states, "Care Van can train you in procedures, but we cannot train you to be caring and compassionate. If you are someone who genuinely cares about people and likes to help others, continue reading. If you are not, then this job is not for you."

Our screening process tests basic skills, map reading and actual driving. In addition to the Care Van administered testing, all drivers must pass:

        --    7 year DMV report
        --    Complete physical exam
        --    Drug and alcohol screening
        --    First Aid & CPR training
        --    Police background check

Care Van's Driver Training is a thorough program which includes classroom and on-the-road instruction. Topics cover client sensitivity, ethics, assistance procedures, defensive driving, as well as specific equipment and vehicle operation. A comprehensive Manual of Procedures developed by Brad assures consistency of care.